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Three FAQs

Where did you find the dog to play the role of Edgar?

[Director]   Edgar is a 10 year old Labrador that belongs to a friend of mine.  His real name is Edgar.  He is a retired trained service dog.  He guided a blind couple for 6 years.  With his service training, I think it helped a great deal with his ability to be a darned good actor dog.

Where did the story of "Bob and Edgar" stem from?

[Writer]   In my own life, I've been close to 5 dogs and 1 cat.  These pets came into my life and then they left for various reasons.  The story stems from that.  And on a deeper level I think it's a look at how people come and go in your life.


What was the biggest challenge in making "Bob and Edgar"?  Was it working with a dog?

[Director]  Not at all, Edgar was great.  We just did extra takes and the skills of editor Brian Levin helped with capturing Edgar's nuances.  The biggest challenge was the weather.  We shot in a Chicago suburb over a 3 day weekend.  Half of the scenes in the script were supposed to be outside, but it rained almost the entire weekend.  So, I changed the outside scenes to indoors with a great deal of collaboration from the crew.  As an example the scene of Bob and Edgar in bed with whip cream was originally intended to be of them sitting on a blanket in a park.  Someone on the crew suggested shooting it in the bedroom.  Being able to adjust on the fly like that was a great lesson.  



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